Sep 10

1:1 Holistic Sessions with Dr Aradhana Ghyas

Dr. Ardhana has dedicated her life to alternative medicine becoming an expert in body detoxification & cleansing techniques. She is a Holistic Spiritual health expert, Yoga teacher & Naturopathy practitioner from India certified by the acclaimed Bihar School of Yoga. We’re really looking forward to her visit.

Available for Appointments:
Sunday, 24th – Sunday, 30th September
8:30am to 6:30pm
1800le – 60min

She will offering the following treatments:

  • Shamanic Cleanse Ritual;
    Customized treatment uses eastern and western techniques combining shamanic rituals. 
    A combination of mindful touch therapy and traditional balance massage. Effective for relieving pain spasm, stiffness and muscular tension.
  • Energy Balance Foot Therapy;
    Treatment improves blood circulation & assists lymphatic drainage. Used over Marma points, which are the points where tissues meet areas of life force. Wrapped with Energetic shamanic rituals. 
  • Facial Detox Therapy (Kobido);
    Japanese facial technique. It is in the face that emotion resides. With the fluid, deep alternating touch of this facial treatment, those pent up emotions are released. It’s a therapeutic facial. Repair tissues and reduce the impact of aging. The impact increases with the energy radiated by the crystal.
  • Sound Journey Reiki Therapy;
    With the accumulated emotion and tensions in our lives emerges a strong need to find a place of relaxation, to let go and release. Includes Tibetan sound work, reiki with aura cleansing and strengthening. 
  • Yoga Nidra;
    Meditation practice induces deep body-mind relaxation with the ultimate goal of increasing self-awareness.
  • Wet Pack Therapy with Crystal Healing;
    A powerful way to detox the body, increasing blood circulation and removing the toxins accumulated in the depth of our organs and colon. Helps in weight loss, energy level & immunity level. 
  • Breathe Easy (Sinus Care);
    Helps in removing the mucus clogs, stimulating the brain cells and clearing the nasal passage and sinus cavity, alleviating neck problems, and migraines. It is also highly effective in treating sinusitis and chronic cold.
  • Yogic Intestinal Care;
    The ultimate solution to detoxify the body & the mind in a controlled, safe manner.

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