Aug 29

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course

with Yulia Baturina

Join Yulia Baturina’s upcoming Aerial Yoga teacher training course to become an air yoga instructor

⚡In this course you will:
-Learn about warmup options
-Learn how to conduct a standard lesson for beginners and advanced students
-Learn and perform the standing, power, inverted and relaxation poses
-Learn and perform bends and inclinations
-Learn how to stretch with the support of the hammock
-Learn and perform flying and acrobatic variations
-Learn techniques for restoration and rehabilitation through massage with the support of a hammock
-Get tips on how to position yourself in the market and find a job as an aerial yoga instructor

Take an exam and become a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor!

30th September – 2nd October
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am – 6pm

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