Sep 14

Antarma in Cairo : A Celebration of Life with Antarma

Sunday, 24 September
7:00 – 10:00pm

Join Antarma live in Cairo, for the very first time!
You will experience lots of high energy drumming, celebration, poetry raps and joyful collaboration as well as the deep mantra and relaxing vibrations at Osana family wellness.
It will be a life affirming, purifying and nourishing experience.
We are thankful to share the energies. Feel welcome!

– Sitting together in Circle, welcoming and releasing sacred tears of laughter, grief and joy and inviting in the deepest peace
– Calling upon the energies of nature, Sanskrit mantras and songs
– Ecstatic dancing with African djembe drumming and rhythms
– Creative flow, poetry and prayer
– Universal heart songs with gentle guitar
– Honouring ancient traditions and welcoming in a joyful playful, presence in the moment too!


Children are welcome and the musical parts will be fun, however for the more silent deep moments parents are requested to take care of their child out of the space if the child is not able to hold the silence 🙏
We look forward to sharing beautiful moments with you.

Antarma has been on the inner path of the heart through ceremony and sound for 21 years and has been blessed to sit and learn with elders from many different traditions and lineages. From the Indian Sanatan Dharma, African, Brazilian, Amazonian Indigenous and Sufi Lineages.

Experiences with Antarma are a fusion of meditation, chanting, song and dance into a fully interactive journey, bringing participants into deep connection and ecstatic joy.

All the music, mantras and practices that Antarma shares are intended to bring the highest, deepest peace, joy, celebrations and love for all hearts, nature and beings.

Honouring and giving gratitude to the sacred traditions and for life herself.

 ps/We want to make it possible for everyone to be uplifted by this gathering, so:
1. The option to make a donation/sponsor people’s tickets who want to come but are less able to afford tickets is available. Thank you for your generosity! What goes around comes around, often in unexpected ways.
2. A concession code is available to make it accessible to those in financial hardship – please get in contact for details.

Advance registration and 50% deposit is required to secure your place. All deposits are non-refundable within one week of the start date of the course/workshop…earlier than one week we will refund 80% of the deposit but retain a 20% administration fee.

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