Aug 29

Exploring the Inner Landscape with Nader Abozied

Exploring the Inner Landscape is a 3 hour workshop on the art of self observation.  Participants will be provided with tools to self investigate based on the teachings of various ancient wisdom traditions. 

Specific points that will be covered are:
● Turning meditation from a state to a trait.
● Understanding the three fold aspect of the self.
● How to observe without judgement.
● Methods and tools for practical application.  You will come away with a deeper understanding of what it is to observe yourself.  

Friday January 28th, 2022
6.00 – 9.00 pm
400 egp 

Nader Abozied is a musician, a visual artist, and a certified Enneagram life coach. Nader was born and raised in Egypt. He lived in the U.A.E, Belgium, and Australia before returning and settling in Egypt. He is an advocate of an integral approach to life coaching and holds a BA in International Business, a degree in Workplace Safety, and a post-grad degree in Sustainable Agriculture.⁠

Advance registration and 50% deposit is required to secure your place. All deposits are non-refundable within one week of the start date of the course/workshop…earlier than one week we will refund 80% of the deposit but retain a 20% administration fee.

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