May 14

Family Constellation Workshop with Bassant ElMenshawy

Friday 23 June
5:00 – 9:00pm 


Family Constellation Workshop:
A family constellation workshop is made up of a group of people divided into issue holders, representatives and a facilitator/therapist.

An issue holder is someone who will bring an issue they are facing that requires clarity and perspective to the workshop. They are asked to share their issue with the facilitator.

The facilitator then chooses representatives from the group of participants to represent either family members or aspects according to the issue presented.

Once the representatives are in position, a movement starts to happen (tuning in the fields of the family system).
Then through this phenomenological movements, we can observe the hidden dynamic of the family system.
Effectively, it creates a kind of a field of the family and representatives who are standing in for the members of family. The representatives often feel emotions that are appropriate to the person in that position in the family system.
For example, if the parents are close, we will often observe them (the representatives) standing close together. Likewise, if their relationship is distant or disconnected, it will reflect in their movement and positioning.

At the end of the constellation, the facilitator presents the issue holder with possible solution to help them heal and navigate their emotions.

Who can benefit from family constellation?
Anyone who’s eager to get a deeper insight of their issue.

Family Constellation can help you:
– Shed light on the hidden and unconscious loyalties to your family ancestors, that are stopping you from living your life more freely
– Effectively get to the root cause of an issue/challenge
– Deal with relationship issues (parents, partner, children, colleagues, etc.)
– Acknowledge the past as a source of loving destiny.
– Gain new insights for personal/professional challenges.
– Gain more awareness of transgenerational traumas and diseases.
– Increase your empathy, love and compassion for yourself and others.
– Gain back your strength.

Advance registration and 50% deposit is required to secure your place. All deposits are non-refundable within one week of the start date of the course/workshop…earlier than one week we will refund 80% of the deposit but retain a 20% administration fee.

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