Feb 27

Fluid Flexibility & Strength – Ramadan Program w/Asma Hesham

Mondays & Wednesdays during ramadan
8:00pm – 9:00pm
You can sign up for the entire program at the heavily discounted price of 2,500le
or drop in for 400le per session

Expanding your body to it’s natural wide range of motion, expanding your mind and removing any limiting beliefs. And most importantly expanding your breath through movement.

This course is ideal for you if:
* You feel tension in your day to day life in certain body parts with no reason and want to limit this.
* You’re a total beginner to yoga and willing to learn the base of so many poses and flows.
* You’re an intermediate/ advanced practitioner who is willing to deepen and transform your practice.* You want to build a relationship with your body, heart, mind & soul using your breath and movement.
* You want to develop discipline and commitment to your practice.

Working on strength, mobility, flexibility and balance including peak poses like:
* Front splits
* Wheel
* King cobra
* Standing bow pulling pose
* King pigeon
* Camel splits
* Compass pose
* Upward stretching
* Forward folds
* Lots of core work
With its variations & so many other poses!

For more info, please call 010 1773 3770, email us at or pass by Osana!

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