Jun 06

Human Design: Real Life Applications

with Sara el-Sayeh

Human Design uses your birth information to draw up a chart of your “design” allowing you to get to know the energetics of your body, the most aligned way for you to make decisions and what your strengths and wisdom are. It offers a permission slip for you to be who you fully are. Your chart gives you a map of your energy centers and aura using a synthesis of astrology, the i-ching, the Vedic chakra system, the Kabbalah Tree of Life and quantum mechanics.

During this workshop, we’ll go over the different Human Design types, strategies and authorities. Sara will show you different applications of Human Design in real life and talk about what conditioning means, what definition and openness is and what that means for our day-to-day lives and decision making. At the end of the workshop, Sara will share some resources for each energy type and how Human Design has and is helping her transform her own life and help live in more alignment.

Bring your block-note/journal and pen to take notes!

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