Jan 24

TaiChi for Begninners with Joey Altmann

We all have Qi [vital energy] circulating in our bodies. With time and stresses of everyday life, the flow of this energy can stagnate, causing an imbalance of our Yin Yang. This imbalance can be restored through TaiJi.

This ancient practice emphasizes rooting, improving alignment and posture to allow for our external body to expand its meridians efficiently. Once this has been established, we turn to our internal body to mindfully cultivate Qi through diaphragmatic breathing, channeling this energy through our meridians to harmonize our Yin Yang.

In this workshop we will use our intention to move consciously, and focus on emptying the mind to allow our Qi to circulate freely- unleashing any blockages that might accumulate within our meridians. Through deep breathing, this practice seeks to transform vital essence into vital energy, transforming vital energy into spirit, returning spirit to the void, returning void to the universe to become one with heaven and earth.

Friday, 10th February
3:30 – 6pm

Joey studied the internal martial art of TaiChi in the holy Wudang Mountains of central China under respectable masters, whose lineages date back to the Song Dynasty. The lasting effects of these mystical mountains have made him eager to keep learning the essence of Wudang, as he strives to refine his skill and understanding of these ancient arts.

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