Nov 13

Tools For Inner Alchemy & Self-Acceptance with Nora Malfettone

Friday, December 8th
5:00pm – 7:00pm
450 EGP

Practical Techniques for Applied Self Acceptance is for anyone looking to heal aspects of themselves that they’ve rejected, judged, avoided, or are ashamed of. Self acceptance is permission and self forgiveness of our human tendencies without attaching our identity to our human experience. This workshop will give you the tools to grace yourself with compassion while empowering the wisdom and voice of your heart to lead you with stability and clarity. 

Together, we will practice:

  • Stress relieving breathwork
  • Witness consciousness of the ego meditations
  • Intuitive movement practices to filter out where we can step into authenticity
  • Creative writing to help bring clarity to the awareness of our subconscious so we can let it go
  • Partner eye contact exercises (to gently allow yourself to be seen and to see another as someone to be loved and cherished)

 Nora is a High Priestess and has worked as a healer and spiritual teacher for over 18 years. Working with all communities in the US, and now in Egypt. She specializes in energy alchemy, Jikiden Reiki and weaving peoples’ innate wisdom into the forefront of their consciousness. She’s helped facilitate healing for hundreds of people with her individualized approach and compassionate, embodied, holistic understanding of the human condition and access to Divine Consciousness.

Nora is available for in person and virtual 1:1 support beyond group events.

Advance registration and full payment required to secure your place.
All payments are non-refundable within one day of the date of the workshop… earlier than one day we will refund 80% of the price but retain a 20% administration fee.

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