who we are

osana family wellness is based in a beautiful villa in maadi, cairo. we offer yoga, pilates and other client-based barefoot classes, as well as all types of holistic treatments such as homeopathy, massage and reiki. pregnancy and postnatal workshops, classes and support are available as well as baby, child and family classes. we also offer childcare whilst parents attend classes or treatments.

all the services we have to offer are completed by a lovely wholefood cafe, wonderfully spacious garden, children’s play area, and boutique items.

our vision is to build a friendly community hub where practitioners, individuals, parents, children, foodies and health enthusiasts can come together to meet each other through mind, body and play.


A FREE talk targeted to all Bodyworkers, manual or movement, (yoga/pilates teachers, dancers, fitness instructors, massage therapists, etc..) to understand the role and effect of the largest organ of the body given by Jasmin Sheta faculty for Centre for Spatial Medicine in Zurich.

The newly discovered organ of connection (fascia) is now also recognized as the largest organ in the body.
What does this new information add and change to our outlook on understanding the human body? And how can we use this information to best effect?

This FREE presentation will offer you simple ways in which you can work with the fascia to enhance your body function, daily life, teaching and self-practice.

For more information please see our facebook event here

Date: Friday 21 September
Time: 4pm – 6pm

We are very excited to announce that Laruga Glaser, one of Ashtanga’s world renowned teachers will be visiting Cairo and offering us a special 3 day Ashtanga yoga workshop.

In this workshop, Laruga will offer us an insight into the gateway postures of both the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga. Although all the postures of the sequences are important, these particular poses play an integral role in opening and strengthening the body and mind. These poses are fundamental to creating a strong foundation for what will hopefully be a sustainable life-long practice.

This is a rare opportunity to practice under the guidance of Laruga who is on a passing visit through Egypt. In order to keep the workshop dynamic we ask that only those with a regular Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga practice sign up.

Since a young age Laruga has been fascinated by the mind/body connection and spiritual philosophy. This later attracted her to yoga in 1996 but it wasnʼt until two years later that she stumbled upon Ashtanga Yoga and she was able to fully immersed herself into a devoted practice.
An advanced level practitioner and a level 2 Authorised teacher from KPJAYI of Mysore, Laruga started teaching after many years of sustained practice and brings with her over 20 years of experience. Laruga teaches as an act of deep sharing and love for what yoga develops in each individual, facilitating space to open, challenge and inspire those to step into the center of their own being and experience their inherent potential.
For more information on Laruga please visit her website: https://larugayoga.com/laruga/

Friday October 12th – 9am-12pm

9-10:30am: Led Primary Series

10:30am-12pm: Workshop on the key gateway poses of the first & second series and breathing techniques, Q&A

Saturday October 13th – 9am-12pm

9am: Mysore-Style self practice, guidance and assistance with Laruga.

11am -12pm: Exploration of previous days workshop and further discovery of the gateway poses, Q&A

Sunday October 14th 7am-10:30am

Mysore-Style self practice with Laruga; hands on assistance and asana exploration.

Price for 3 days – 2500le

1 day – 1000le (only available to those with a well established practice)

we’re hiring!

we’re looking for front office managers. Are you reliable and friendly, vibrant, organised and passionate about wellness?

want to work in a fun team?

please email katherine to request a job description and tell her why you are right for the job! mistressofpuppets@osanawellness.com

***Osana Friday Market

We’ve expanded our Farmer’s Market to include a vast array of locally produced items.

We’ll have farm-fresh produce, clothing, baked goods, organic food, oils, jewelery, popsicles, lotions, potions, baby-care, take-away meals, herbs, spices, natural skin-care, live music, yoga kit, crystals, gifts and of course a whole heap of OsanaLove

Every Friday
In the OsanaGarden

Live, love, buy local

If you are a vendor and would like a table please email littlemisssunshine@osanawellness.com



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