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Here at Osana we believe that wellness begins in the tummy and we have put a lot of love and thought into our wholesome, nutritious menu.

Headed up by our wonderful chefs, the deliciously healthy meals are prepared from scratch each day and use the minimum amount of oil and a balance of vegetables, grains, seeds, pulses, herbs and spices.

Remember, you really are what you eat.


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  • Babies eat free! Buy an adult meal and we’ll give a free portion of baby food!
  • Kids food. All the items on our menu are available in child size portions at 50% of the adult price.
  • Our menu changes everyday. We offer a bowl of soup as a light meal, a stew with a grain (rice or cous cous) as a more hearty meal or a choice from our two stunning salads. You can also have a soup and salad combo or stew and salad combo. Here is just a tiny sample of some of our dishes. Pasta e Fagioli (the classic Italian pasta and bean stew), Curried red lentil, pumpkin and cauliflower soup (a sweet and zingy wholesome soup), Brocoli & green bean salad with tahina dressing (a true work of art, the dressing is a mix of sweet, salty and smooth that will have you gasping for more)
  • Coffee. We know that the world runs on coffee (everyone has to have a little vice in their lives, right?) and so we sought out the best in Cairo. Exclusive to Osana is The Dancing Bean, a fine Australian coffee blender who ships the green beans for roasting here in Egypt. The end result is, we think, the best that money can buy.
  • And now we even sell the beans for you to enjoy The Dancing Bean in the comfort of your own home. 250 grams of the finest coffee you can buy. Available from the OsanaCafe

The Garden

A tranquil oasis in the midst of the chaos of Cairo. We have worked long and hard to create a beautiful space for children of all ages to enjoy. Whether you are relaxing on our custom built seating platforms or the outdoor cafe area, the beauty of nature will lull your senses away from the hustle and bustle of city life

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