Who We Are

Osana family wellness is based in a beautiful villa in Maadi, Cairo. We offer yoga, pilates and other barefoot classes, as well as all types of holistic treatments such as homeopathy, massage and reiki. Pregnancy and postnatal workshops, classes and support are available as well as baby, child and family classes. We also offer childcare whilst parents attend classes or treatments.

Our vision is to build a friendly community hub where practitioners, individuals, parents, children, foodies and health enthusiasts can come together to meet each other through mind, body and play.


At Osana we believe that a successful life depends on the harmony and balance of mind, body & spirit. We see family wellness, as well as that of the individual, as an achievable goal by simply making healthy lifestyle choices – which we extensively provide.


Osana aims to take holistic living to new horizons within the local community. By facilitating wellness in all its forms, we promote a lifestyle that exists beyond its walls and hope to assist those pursuing a wholesome life in achieving it.

Word of Mouth

Osana is all about community, so have a look at what the Cairo community has to say about us!

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