Who We Are

Hand crafted by Steve Double, Neena Serag Hwaidak and Sumaya Holdijk, Osana is a place to seek mental, physical and spiritual refuge for you and your family. As yoga and fitness aficionados (and parents), Steve and Neena found a direct need for a location that satisfied their lifestyle. Sumaya topped the venture off with her extensive interest in and knowledge of holistic healing therapies.


At Osana we believe that a successful life depends on the harmony and balance of mind, body & spirit. We see family wellness, as well as that of the individual, as an achievable goal by simply making healthy lifestyle choices – which we extensively provide.


Osana aims to take holistic living to new horizons within the local community. By facilitating wellness in all its forms, we promote a lifestyle that exists beyond its walls and hope to assist those pursuing a wholesome life in achieving it.

Word of Mouth

Osana is all about community, so have a look at what the Cairo community has to say about us!

Our Team