Osana for Families

Osana was created for you and your family; we have thoughtfully designed a space that welcomes you and your kids to eat, play and be well. Please drop in for a pit-stop or a full meal, to use the bathroom or for a snack and cup of tea in the cafe and garden (breastfeeding welcome).

Alongside classes, workshops and activities for adults and children, we offer childcare (whilst mum or dad are looking after themselves), an interactive garden space, specialised kids’ activities not to mention our signature yoga play dates. We’ve made sure that everyone in the family can come along.

Family support

We would like to offer support circles for parents to gather and exchange stories. Whether you’re seeking advice, need to talk, or simply want to get out of the house with the new babe, you’ll find friendly company at Osana. If you would like to start a support group you are most welcome to use our garden or cafe facilities.

If you prefer to use a more private studio space or work with some of our practitioners please contact Neena directly.

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